Fair Use Week Celebration

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This past Monday (February 20, 2017) CDS’ newest neighbor, Carla Myers, held a workshop in CDS’ very own workshop space. The workshop, titled Fair Use Fact & Fiction, was in celebration of Fair Use Week. The workshop reviewed the Fair Use statute, as well as dispelled many of the misconceptions and myths that can limit… Read more »

CDS publishes the latest issue of JCT&L …

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The Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning represents a site through which Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTL) staff can engage in conversations, explore their relevance to their own institutional situations, and imagine new possibilities to take back to these institutions — not to mention new ways of looking at the conversations already at… Read more »

What, Why, How, Where and Who?

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Last week, as part of the New Faculty Orientation, we had a mini-presentation about CDS … so in 5 minutes we tried to answer 5 questions: – What is a center for digital scholarship? – Why is digital scholarship important? – How can our center help/work with Miami faculty? – Where are we located? –… Read more »

Creating a Data Management Plan

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Writing a successful grant proposal can be difficult. Many funding bodies are requiring grant proposals to have a DATA MANAGEMENT PLAN. The Center for Digital Scholarship is here to help. A data management plan describes how data will be collected, stored and shared. The Miami Libraries have joined a consortium that offers an online tool… Read more »

Quick Tour of Selected Digital Humanities Tools

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The number and variety of tools available to the Digital Humanities community has been growing exponentially in recent years. Many have been developed by DH scholars and are freely available to anyone with an internet connection. There are currently 700 entries in DiRT – a database of tools for the Digital Humanities community. If you… Read more »

DSpace 3.0 bragging rights!

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DSpace 3.0 was just released over the weekend. Version 3.0 brings with it a bunch of enhancements and improvements as well as what looks like some killer new features. We can’t wait to get it installed and work with it. The new Mobile theme for XMLUI is particularly cool because it was contributed by our… Read more »

A new look for Scholarly Commons!

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Last week, with the help of an OhioLINK developer we completed a web-design upgrade for Scholarly Commons. The new interface includes several new features: a collapsible sidebar menu for searching and browsing, a box with popular items on the front-page, links to faculty’s profile on the Scholars site, an upgraded share option on the item’s… Read more »

CDS Staff partnering with OhioLINK on NEH Digital Humanities Startup Grant

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NEH has just announced the latest awards in their Digital Humanities Startup grant program and the Scholars Dashboard proposal from OhioLINK was accepted! The project, The Scholars Dashboard: Creating a multidisciplinary tool via design and build workshops will support a series of three two-day workshops that will bring together collaborative teams of scholars, librarians, and… Read more »

Support Open Access: Create a Faculty Profile in the Scholars Portal

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So, you want to support open access and highlight your work at the same time? Consider creating a personalized faculty profile and contributing your scholarly work to Scholarly Commons, Miami’s portal to faculty scholarship. Don’t have a lot of free time? No problem. The new Scholars Portal is easy and quick to setup. Here’s a… Read more »