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As we transition to a summer mode and adapt our service model to meet the library and university goals, below is a first list of example projects that our team is currently working on or getting ready to complete. NEW Digital Collections Portal, we recently launched a redesigned and upgraded website for the Library’s Digital Collections; the new system is running on CONTENTdm 6.6 and three of the many new features include: a) a better image viewer for jpg, jp2 and tiff files; b) a page-by-page viewer/download for PDF files; and c) a more friendly web interface for customizing the site’s look-and-feel. CONTENTdm is also now being used for more scholarly digital collections, its flexibility to work well with other systems like Kaltura for video streaming as well as the batch import/export functionalities are always important. Miami University Libraries - Digital Collections Scholarly Commons, the university institutional repository is also undergoing a major content restructure, the new layout which will include a top-level collection for each author will enable better browsing and searching mechanisms which will subsequently make the repository more discoverable and easy to use. Additionally, we’re evaluating the new Mirage 2 and responsive theme, as much as we liked our own Mobile Theme, there are many reasons to switch to a fully responsive solution … of course, there is still some changes we need to implement, but overall, this is a great improvement for the DSpace community –thanks a lot atmire! DWAE e-book, the revised ePUB version for the Digital Writing & Assessment Evaluation ebook is currently in its final review and very soon we hope that everyone will be able to download the ePUB or MOBI versions on the book’s website. Some of the lessons learned include: a) always validate HTML & ePUB files as ebook readers are very strict; b) keep TOC and navigation links simple and useful; c) use external links for multimedia and PDF files; d) tables, especially complex tables can be very problematic; and e) CSS is a good friend for layout … we’ll always appreciate the magic of this line: -webkit-hyphens:none; DWAE ePUB NEH DH Start-Up Grant, a team member of the Center for Digital Scholarship is working with two faculty members on an NEH grant Orientation to the Mississippi Summer Project: An Interactive Quest for Social Justice. The work officially began in May and last week the team hosted an “ideation day” session where over 15 high school and Miami students helped brainstorm/discuss and produce a design document, which is currently in review with the DH consultants. For this phase of the project, the team has selected ARIS and they expect to have a digital/functional prototype in early September … stayed tuned! .