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A lot has happened since our last update. In fact, the project is rapidly nearing completion! Since we returned in early January, most of the electrical and lighting reconfiguration has been completed, life safety equipment installed, doors and finishes installed, and some small modification to the carpet have been completed. The last major installation will be happening this week with the arrival of the conference room storefront and ceiling lighting. Overall, we are on track to complete the project by the first week in February. As always, here are a few of the latest pictures:   [pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMAGE_4123EB7F-44B6-4A2A-B764-7E74CEA5950B.JPGIMAGE_AB9D97E5-A7AD-44A1-A3FC-A59AE7020B93.JPGIMAGE_EEE2874D-BAF7-4BA2-96B1-2299A9FEC514.JPGIMAGE_5CD5AE4C-04A2-47E7-AFFA-2DF706CA572E.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

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