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We’ve seen some significant changes this week as most of the framing is up for the new wall and the imaging lab. This week also saw the beginning of minor demolition of part of the wall separating the new conference room from the Audio Video production lab. Just a couple of days left before Finals week. Contractors will be working over Finals Week, but will be concentrating on quieter activities. Here are some pictures showing the main wall and the Digital Imaging lab starting to appear. IMAGE_7AB5D6FD-89BF-42BB-B0DA-CE7255315654.JPGIMAGE_37AE3C08-0ADA-4684-A47B-B313BAC28D64.JPGIMAGE_D863F9D7-5D89-4C0B-92A2-B03BF6F6188C.JPGIMAGE_90BD7DD5-DCB7-45FF-93BC-2929B84CD87D.JPGIMAGE_3071ED24-1CE1-4A26-82BE-DB991C44365A.JPGIMAGE_7AB5D6FD-89BF-42BB-B0DA-CE7255315654.JPG                           .

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