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Tuesday, January 14th, Team Member Training was held in the Center for Digital Scholarship. Team member training is a workshop in which all recent library hires take part. The purpose of this workshop is for new hires to meet each other and put faces with names that they might not encounter during their normal duties and also to educate them on the principles of team membership and other practical workplace skills. This year’s group was made up of employees from different departments and libraries and resulted in an enjoyable and informative experience.

If your department is considering putting on a workshop or conference, consider using the Center for Digital Scholarship as a highly suitable location. The versatility of the space and in-house technology makes it a flexible and convenient venue. This versatility proved valuable to Team Member Training, as we moved around the center for discussion and exercises. I tweeted the event throughout the day and those captured comments are displayed below. We would like to thank the participants of this year’s Team Member training and we look forward to hosting an event for your department or class in the future. Please contact us at 529-2871 with any questions.

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