What is the Center for Digital Scholarship?

The Miami University Libraries Center for Digital Scholarship is both a physical facility and a service of the Libraries.  Our vision is to serve as a collaborative partner with faculty, students, and staff by providing digital library, data repository, multi-media, digitization, scholarly communication, geospatial and data management services so that members of the Miami community can accomplish their research, scholarly, and teaching goals.

We accomplish that vision by providing informal collaborative work spaces, professional consultants, and advanced technology services and equipment.  The Center’s physical spaces serve as a gathering place for faculty, graduate student, and high-achieving undergraduates interested in exploring all aspects of Digital Scholarship and as a place to work on digital projects, share with like minded researchers, and  to learn about new technologies relevant to their digital scholarship.  Staff expertise in the Center includes digital imaging, web application programming, database and metadata design, interface design, geospatial information, data management and visualization, project design, and rights management.

In addition to physical spaces, the Center works with technology partners in the Libraries and the University to provide software platforms to support digital collection building, data management, database building,  open access publishing, and digital repository services in a professional production environment.

The Center for Digital Scholarship is designed to support the building of communities of researchers, scholars, librarians, and technologists sharing a common interest in using technology to advance scholarship.


That’s great, but what is Digital Scholarship?

We like how the University of Washington defines it:

“Digital scholarship is often composed of works that are born digital, multi-media, database technology-based, analysis of other born digital material, digital text and images, digital music or art, and data sets. Much of this scholarship is never intended to be formally published. This form of scholarly data, presentation and dissemination represents a shift away from publishing and the kind of scholarship that we have traditionally collected and preserved in libraries, and is a natural evolution and adaptation of digital technology to scholarship.”

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The American Council on Learned Societies expands on this idea and defines a core set of activities that define Digital Scholarship:

“In recent practice, “digital scholarship” has meant several related things:

    • Building a digital collection of information for further study and analysis
    • Researching appropriate tools for collection-building
    • Creating/Using appropriate tools for the analysis and study of collections
    • Using digital collections and analytical tools to generate new intellectual products
    • Creating authoring tools for these new intellectual products, either in traditional forms or in digital form”