Our physical spaces are designed to support various activities within the Center, from individuales digital production, to ad-hoc small group meetings, to more formalized large group sessions.  Drop-in use is welcome as available, but feel free to contact us for availability and reservations.


Scholars Workshop

The Scholars Workshop area is an open floorplan space that can be configured for small group interaction, larger class seminars, and workspace for longer-term projects.  Chairs and desks are on wheels and can be easily moved to other locations within the space.  Power is strategically located on walls and columns with Internet connectivity provided by WiFi and Ethernet.



conf_room-smallConference Room

Our conference room includes seating for 18, comfortable chairs, two wall mounted whiteboards, an Interactive wall mounted digital projector with sound, and a stunning third floor view of the Academic Quad.   Use our pre-configured Mac, or feel free to bring your own laptop or portable device to present.    The conference room can be used for small group collaboration, presentations with students, project meetings, or when your research group just needs a quiet space to meet and work.



book-scanner-with-studentDigital Imaging Lab

The heart of our digitizing services, the Digital Imaging lab is a light-isolated facility housing specialized scanning equipment.  Among the machines housed here are our camera based book scanning systems, Microfilm scanner, Hasselblad slide scanner, and a 36megapixel digital copy stand.  Use of equipment requires a brief orientation to ensure that you can get the best possible results for your project.



avAV Studio

Our AV studio is sound isolated and contains a high end Macintosh connected to the same high-speed SAN storage used by Video Editing stations in the Center for Information Management so you can easily edit projects in either location.  We also feature vintage audio equipment to allow you to digitize reel-to-reel, audio cassette, VHS and Betamax video, Sony MiniDiscs, 16mm movie film, and Digital Audio Tape (DAT).  Let us know if  we don’t support a format you need and we’ll do our best to locate equipment that can handle it.  On the modern side, we have an HD video camcorder with tripod and backdrops in green(chromakey), white and black.